Women who smoke promiscuous dating singles

And why are men taking advantage of it by withholding commitment? Have you been giving up the goods before the "traditional" third date rolls around? A new study found that more than 25 percent of women are putting out within the first week of dating someone.

So if you squeeze three dates into a week, then you're still on track; however, not many have the time or energy to go out on that many dates within a seven-day period.

It also can mean skipping smoking some days, then picking up a cigarette every so often.

In fact, this kind of casual smoking—what many people often refer to as "only smoking when drunk"—has become predominant, particularly because of its perceived lack of health effects, the study authors note.

Many light smokers consider smoking "only once in a while" as not harmful; while they understood smoking to be risky, the authors write, they did not consider the risk as high as non-smokers.

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