Whitney port still dating jay lyon Ethiopian sex chat

We can reveal the two are certainly still spending time.

“Sarah was grinding on Ryan all night, her legs wrapped around his waist, massaging the small of his back,” said the spy.

It’s hard to have an intimate relationship no matter what, whether there are cameras there or not, so it’s not the most natural thing," she said.

It's very challenging to say the least.” While we're sad for Whitney, we think she can totally do better, as Jay Lyon was acting like more and more of an asshat in the previous couple of episodes.

J-14 just got off the phone with The Buried Life's Duncan Penn, who crossed a huge item off the "Buried Life" list -- #59, "Ask Out The Girl Of Your Dreams." But Duncan's dream girl was no ordinary...

Rumors have been swirling that The City's Whitney Port has officially moved on from her rocker ex-BF, Tamarama's Jay Lyon, and found a cute new guy right at MTV -- The Buried Life's Ben...

Dancing With the Stars: Belinda Carlisle is the first celebrity cut from the show…Celebrity dancer Steve-O says he’s feeling better after his back injury.

American Idol: Is there a juicy tell-all book in the works?Top Chef: Former cheftestant Carla Hall talks about how she stays skinny and eats what she wants.Jon and Kate Plus 8: A recap of Monday night’s episode…TLC is capitalizing on the show’s success.And when three girls from Northern Secondary had the opportunity to book an international act for the benefit concert they were organizing (did we mention that three girls from Northern Secondary organized a benefit concert?), the choice was clear: they wanted Jay’s band to headline the show.

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