Updating to 5 00 m33

So if you haven’t got one of those, but you’ve got firmware 3.50 or below, use part one.All PSPs can be cracked, disregarding current firmware. All should not be lost if you have the means to reinstall the custom firmware. Version 1.5 firmware does not work on the ' Slim" or later models and will 'brick' them.If you want to upgrade your 5.00 M33-6 then turn to the next page.If you have OE/M33 firmware lower than 3.52 M33 please start from Section A.

The different types of homebrew applications range from text editors to ISO loaders.

Back up all your data on your memory stick as you will be formatting it. Select the option that reads Run program at PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/EBOOT. ), maybe they shouldn't have been messing with something they knew little about in the first place but I digress...

If you have not downloaded the file from the "what you need step", download it and extract it using win rar.(oh yeah.....install winrar first) =P4. you will be prompted with a flash screen (recovery mode ,main menu)9. keep tapping "O" and you will be prompted with the default setup as you did when you first got your psp.12. If those people are incapable of figuring that much out (how many actually mentioned which PSP model they had in the " WAAH" brigade?

Due to the latter one, which enables piracy, Sony is strongly against homebrew and does its very best to contain it.

There’s a constant battle between the homebrew community and Sony. Last week we posted about various ways to downgrade your firmware.

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