Top 10 most intimidating athletes

“I’m in love with them,” Walsh Jennings tells PEOPLE.“They have made my life more beautiful and more meaningful than I ever thought possible.” She credits her ability to balance being a pro athlete and mom to sons Joey, 5, and Sundance, 4, and daughter Scout, 2, (who Walsh Jennings laughingly says is “the most intimidating woman I’ve ever met in my life”) to the support she receives from her husband Casey Jennings, also an Olympic beach volleyball player. He’s literally the best daddy I’ve ever seen in my life,” she says.It’s easy to make a list of the largest athletes in the world.However, this isn’t necessarily about height and weight.“The partnership speaks to me as a mommy, it speaks to me as an athlete, because if I’m not getting a good night’s sleep, I’m not gonna beat the world, which I need to beat, and I’m not gonna have the patience to deal with my kids, who are crazy sometimes, in the best ways.” Walsh Jennings definitely needs as much rest as possible as she prepares to defend her gold medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics.Sydney Mc Laughlin of Union Catholic breaks her own meet record with a time of 56.23 to win the girls 400m hurdles at the 2016 NJSIAA Meet of Champions.And, in some ways, they were just awestruck spectators to her greatness, too, running for second place against the best there ever was. Try this: * Mc Laughlin heads into the Meet of Champions with nine individual meet titles (four indoor and five outdoors) and will have a chance to tie or even break the all-time record of 11, held by Maplewood's Olivia Baker, this weekend.That's exactly how Mc Laughlin should be remembered as she competes in her final Meet of Champions on Saturday. I don't know if it's true, first of all," the Union Catholic senior said with a laugh this week when given the G. * She owns seven individual state records and four national records, including her 54.03-second time in the 400-meter hurdles -- which is a world junior record and currently the No. * She has six individual national titles, including three in the 400-meter hurdles, and has the best high school time this season in three events.

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6/8/16 (Andrew Mills | NJ Advance Media for The photos of her in action almost always required a double take.

The NBA has never seen a physical specimen like Le Bron James take the court.

James can play guard, forward and center an excel at every position.

What other 6-foot-8, 250-pound player can run the court like he does with the athleticism he possesses? This picture was taken prior to the 2013 season and it looks like Jared Veldheer (far left) got some serious offseason work in.

The NFL offensive lineman got exceptionally larger during that offseason and made other meatheads in the picture look like ants.

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