Thespark dating

No mater how strong your relationship is, the drudgery of the everyday will test even the most rock-solid partnerships.

You become addicted to that anxiety and stress, turning it over in your mouth until it starts to taste like passion or drama.

This way, you and your spouse get to spend a quiet evening together and save a few bucks at the same time.

Sure, you could spring for the typical dinner and a movie (keep in mind that many bases have a theater that shows fairly current movies), but if you want to you’re your relationship into high gear, skip the old standbys and try something new (or at least something you haven’t done for a while). Why not do something kid-like, such as paintballing or taking turns pushing each other on swings at the park?

(I remember thinking), ‘We’re never going to go for dinner together.’ We did actually meet for dinner, and that was kind of it.” There’s no real word for it, but I suspect the Germans may have a single word for the delicious, slow burn that comes from the faintest of sparks.

One that is totally unexpected and, in time, erupts into a full-blown emotional bushfire.

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