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Now she juggles secretarial temping with being the Messy Maiden…but she has no time for dating and what man would want to date a woman who spends her weekends teasing other men?

However she is unwilling to give up being the Messy Maiden because she has a five year plan and she never wants to be broke again.

Will Nikolai ever care for Shelby as his wife, and if he does will Shelby ever be able to trust him with her heart? The story is well written and it held my interest, but for my taste it was somewhat too predictable.

If you are able to get past that it is a pretty good book.

Luke: “The Enquirer’s gonna be running a story on you.

They’re saying you’re gay, Will.” Will: “It’s not what it looks like.” Luke: “Here’s the thing. What do I care about is getting out in front of it.

Overall I would recommend I thought I’d been very adventurous when I spent two weeks last October in Nairobi, Kenya visiting my son and still new daughter-in-law who had just had my even newer grandson.

Since I am also a law student and had no time for dating he courted me by driving me to school (I commute about 1.5 hours one way) and/or talking to me on the ride back and forth.

He also would study with me late at night or on weekends (and he still does).

When a temp starts at his office he knows her voice.

While he knows he shouldn’t tempt fate, he wants to get to know Saskia.

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