Designer file not updating

When I upload my new page layout html file into the master page gallery, and then refresh the "Edit Page Layouts" page in the Design Manager, the status of my page layout is "Conversion successful" but when i look at the aspx page, it has not been modified at all.

The moment I do that, the designer file becomes back in sync and everything works fine.

Download ID=27117 The update addresses the following Connect bugs: If you continue to experience these types of issues after applying this fix; please let us know immediately.

You can send these issues directly to the Web Development Tools team via a DL we have setup for direct feedback on anything web development related for this RC. We hope this helps, – Mayuri Diwan and Nichole Baker – Web Development Tools .

I am presuming that there is a solution to this, I just don't know what it is. Hi all, I have a Library of Useful Functions and procedures But in VB. All the time i have to Add additional Project to my current Project and add that VB. Alternatively, I have to set them up with Dreamweaver.

Net Library to it , Then Compile it and Reference it to my C# project and use it as a consequence, After Compilation in the "Bin" directory i have additional assembly Related to that VB. I want to know is there any way to Achieve only One Assembly Not Two. Also is there any way I can provide the designer with a VS.

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