Dating stuart toy steam engines value

It was while working at Shiplake that Turner designed his No.1 Model Steam Engine.He drew up the patterns which he then sent away to be cast.

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It has taken me a few years of collecting to sort out what I really like vs. I've tried to eliminate placeholders and only keep pieces that fit the above criteria as close as possible., is a 2015 historically significant video by fellow steamer "Reddrryder", documenting the fact that a Jensen 50 engine and generator combination produced the first electricity from nuclear heated steam in 1948 at the Oak Ridge Laboratories in Tennessee.There is NOTHING wrong mind you with the type that run on Esbit, use pressed metal bases and engine frames etc.Jensen is still very much in business at their original Jeannette, PA, U. for models dating back to the early 1930's is an excellent source for Jensen identification, and much of my information ties back to it. 2010, a specific tab to this website with a chronology of Jensen models and an extensive variety section covering #10's, 20's, 25's, 50's and 51's put together by two leading collectors. location, and although "old world" in their manufacturing processes, they have a state of the art Jensen website worth a leisurely visit to view their currently made models, tour their one of a kind shop, see how they make their engines and meet the handful of people who ARE Jensen today.

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