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Enter Kevin Aluwi and Razi Thalib, two friends and modern-day cupids, who are preparing to launch dating website, which will be available in Indonesian and English, and is for now limited to Jakarta.

“Razi and I have been talking about starting an online dating site for almost two years, and we feel that right now is the time to get things moving,” said Kevin, who studied finance in the United States and came back to Indonesia in 2011, working as a data analyst for an online fashion store.

Flutter Asia is a safety-conscious dating platform that asks singles to upload things like a professional photo, a copy of their ID, driver’s license, school certificates or business cards, so the company can vet users.

Flutter Asia looks through all the data, and if everything is in order, singles will be granted a “100%” rating on their profile (similar to a verification tick), the app then filtering potential matches based on their verification status.

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The deal, the terms of which were undisclosed, will see the two companies merge to offer singles a platform for serious dating, with an emphasis on online safety and security.

Friends are friends of friends, and they will all just hang out within that group.

But for someone like me, for instance, that came back to Indonesia after a long time, it would be kind of difficult to get into these groups.

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