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(Natural News) online banking has been taken offline by a sustained cyber attack since last Friday, with its online banking website either completely unavailable or loading with extremely long wait times.UPDATE: Shortly after this story went live, began responding in a timely manner.Patient data appears not to have been accessed and dumped online as a result of the NHS cyber attack, Amber Rudd has said.Speaking to ITV News, the home secretary said that "45 different parts of the NHS" had been affected by the ransomware attack, but insisted the UK's response to the incident had been "good".He heads the software innovation division of DARPA - the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, tasked with maintaining our military technological superiority. Now, you and I can see this very quickly and we know exactly what's going on. Now DARPA Dan has top secret clearance, though his department looks like an arcade. This man is working on artificial intelligence software that would detect a hacker attack in real-time and plug it in milliseconds with no humans involved. Kathleen Fisher: That's the windshield wiper fluid. Is-- is-- so this is something that a hacker h--Kathleen Fisher: That's right. Dan Kaufman: When they come out, and they are facing straight there, like away from us - just sayin'Carl: A-ha. It makes sense that DARPA is working on this: after all, it invented the Internet. And he says it's only right that the agency that brought us the Internet find a way to secure it. Lesley Stahl: Stunning, and in just a couple of minutes or less even. He has a team of 25 brainiacs and a budget of half a billion dollars a year. The only constraints on you are 1) It has to do something to help national security. If such technology had been available to Sony, that breach from North Korea could have been plugged right as it happened. A hacker-- they-- obviously, you didn't turn on the windshield wipers--Lesley Stahl: I did nothing.

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And Prime Minister Theresa May praised NHS staff for working overnight to ensure records had not been affected.

Quoting Europol, Mrs May said Friday's attack, which has affected over 70 countries worldwide, was "unprecedented" in scale.

Dan Kaufman: The number of attacks is dramatically increasing. So I-- my job is not to wait for something catastrophic to happen and then say, "Oh, goodness, we should do something." My job is to say, "Hmm. I want to be way ahead of this line."Lesley Stahl: Do you consider dealing with cyberwar your main mission? It's not my main mission, but it's about half my office. One of their defensive inventions is this ambitious prototype that, when in operation, will be able to scan the military's global computer network and zero in on any machine that may have been hacked. And I said, "You don't know me, but (laugh) I want to do this." And they told me I was too old.

Dan Kaufman has been monitoring the rising cyberthreat for six years as the head of DARPA's Information Innovation Office in Arlington, Virginia.

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